>ok i was playing tf2

>and i saw a window

>i sdcoped in it

>and it was a bath room

>then this leg pooked out

>i messaged my friend

>and this a saw a yellow thing

>i scoped in


>it was a robot chiken

>like in fnaf

>it had pink cheecks

>and was wearing a towel

>then the server rahed

>i was like


>"the best thing erve"

My attempt to perceive this amazing Paul story has stretched my cognitive capacity beyond its capability to understand reality. Suddenly the laws of the universe are made clear to me, and my brain transcends this universe. My body has reconstituted its existential manifestation as a robotic duck speaking German in the 69th dimension. And I flutter from universe to universe, multiverse to multiverse, until I arrive at the epitome of the encompassment of existence. I roll over this wondrous entity, stripping bare its surface like a snowball, revealing the secrets of the omniverse. A small library in Phoenix ceases to exist. I become a moth, then a bee, then the manifestation of human desire for unattainable happiness. I have a newfound appreciation for bagels made of democracy and lox. The spirals of time bind tighter and tighter around the fountainhead of universes, then it snaps under the additional pressure added by my ascendancy to this higher realm. The instability of this form becomes inherent to my being, and I become an accordian. My electrons dash through hyperspace and reconstitute my body as a human in front of my computer with the new knowledge of the story I could never understand. Then i rahed