Once upon a time Paul had a promble, there was a glitch with steam where he could shoot in tf2 or gmod! He emailed Gabben and Gabben said to reinstall tf2. Paul did this but his internet was so smaller than colon three that he didnt even get 1 frame per second!! This was terrible, Paul decided to go to Hisdads' kitchen for some reason. But he died and there were 3 police men in his house. Paul ripped and has to go and draw a skylander. After he had finished brb drawing he watched some r34 chica and he rahed all over his computer screen. Then Paul thought of the funniest name ever "Campinan Elite". Not even I, Pauls biggest fan knows what a campinan is. But when i asked him he said...

it means combine

it means paul

its something that is not a combine

its an username

I just dont

i just dont

its combine


camp in van



missing v

no its


in a

but just in


missing v

because sniper lives in a van

and he camps

i like sniper

and i like to camp