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Paul "Campinan Elite" McQ***ny has a huge love for one character of the 5 nights at Freddy game. This character is called Chica. Chica is a yellow chicekn that wants to murder every kid but somehow wants to marry Paul. Paul is not gay despite Chica being a boy, so since red and black would be very cross, Paul thinks of Chica as transsexual and "it's just a FaZe".

In his free time, Paul likes to fantasise about this Chicekn. He searches R34 with SafeSearch On, eliminating all this bad material that could destroy his morals. But that doesn't stop pictures of Chica getting raped showing up!

Chica appears in every Paul video that comes out now. This is because when Paul is home alone, he stuffs a chicekn up his arsehole and shouts "LET'S EAT!!!!!!!" and "XDDDDD TEAPOT" as one day, on a very sad day, Paul got scammed :(

Capture u
One of the best things that has ever happened to Paul is that on a TF2 server, a hot, funny #swag sexy chicekn was having a shower and Paul saw every little detail! There was a penis but Paul visualised it inside out. But as soon as Paul #WhipOut4Chica, the server rahed. We are not sure what rahed means so we have to assume it's his word for pulling back the foreskin to paint himself with yellow Smegma.