Welcome to the Newgamerscrew paul WikiEdit

hello welcome to newgamerscrew paul wiki as you might or not know were the channel on youtube there it is we do really good kind of animations on paint lol

my name is abu bakr paulaj rahed chicaqi muhammed cassad

4 moar informasjun abut me i am part of isis and i iz part of loomynarty. i luv chica so much. (For more information on his fetish, click here) if u shank chica, ill 1veeewun u n den i will lose and kill myself.

For more information on Paul's favourite pass time, click here for more -

if you would like the speak to the famous Paul then you have to wait for the signal otherwise my mother will remove all my friends on Skype and do unspeakavle things to me.

Ugly pauls need sexgs 2

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