i want to bang him

Pauk, i want to bang him. he is my idol, my master. every morning i wake up and think about him. he makes


me hard. i always think about his latest hit, "Black and Red", and how much i want to be like him. it gives me a massive boner. i send him youtube pms every day asking him to make a vlog, but he does not listen. i want to


watch his animations. i want something to fap to. but it is meaningless. i watch his videos every day. i have watched his whole youtube channel 20 times now, but in this time of need i must have more to help me through. his old videos are not enough. i need more to fap to, it is not enough. i go onto pewdiepie's stream and flame him but it is useless. i need to turn to the light, but the light is turning away from me. Pauj. hear me out. you are my only hope in these dire times. please do not let me down, i have turned to you for your guidance. show me how to troll greater than colon three. infuse me with the power of the r34 fnaf, and grant me the shrength of the beige. help me be as happy as you are when you animate. thank you, lord Paug

-Bradey Jones