How to spread

How to spread

Graham McBeige

Hisdad is the brother and sex slave of Paul. Not to be mistaken for his dad, who died from spreading with Graham McBeige. The two had a spreading competition and Graham spreaded so much he engulfed Pauls poor dad in his ass-cheeks.
Fat man

Daddy McQueefy after being pulled out of Graham


Hisdad is a scrumpy-swilling sex expert from the Scottish Highlands, and is one of the more
horny members of the family. A master of bondage, Hisdad strategically deals with Paul with his many tools, Hisdad uses his balls and the knowledge of his good friend Paul for well-timed climaxes that send enemies skyward, often in many pieces and white. Should anyone get past his explosive orgy however, they will be shocked to learn Hisdad is extremely proficient at penis combat, being one of the most excellent fighters in Scotland, with a variety of powerful surprises in his pants.

Hisdad excels at swift destruction; he can bounce his balls at creative angles to wreak havoc on his enemys while remaining safely out of sight. His whip is a perfect tool for area denial, and is effective at keeping opponents away from anything he deems off-limits.

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