Random shit Paul puts in his video descriptions and Twitter

"we love oblivion and i hate it when someone runs away from another thing and that thing get killed from you"


"this is when you play something and a high elf picks on you then you take pay back on them :3"

"wake up guys and meet the turn doge from last video"

"the day and life of turn down for what doge remember him"

"this is day and life of RED and BLACK 2 dumb stick men that dont even know what they are they start to meet things and do things un-normal for us humans to do"

"i never unlocked rage goat but i did"

"the day and time for combines first time school with other gaming and show characters"

"when you play a game dont tag other things kk? LUIGIKID IS AWESOME"

"do you beilive magic in a combines heart play the game to free her? when ever your stuck"

"this is what happens if you turst RED and Black crazy stuff will happen game is called Dead drunk game"

"what i love about google is old people dying"


"you heard the creator i mean red but please dont cry its just until christmas"

"when black came back red thought of a party maing them drunk make scp guards angry and becoming class D's"

"o i made an orange character and made a bucket of black paint so red can do the smartest "

"dinner dinner dinnerbone you suckers"

" for my 36 subs and i meet a devil guy and a best friend ever guy and wee chat and chat because of nothing but ehh the best i could do."

"like dis for more likes it makes sense XD"

"HEADSHOOT on a mlg player for a free cookie"